Breastfeeding at: Congregation Neveh Shalom, Portland, OR,

Congregation Neveh Shalom in Portland, OR, USA

Breastfeeding in the sanctuary:

Breastfeeding n services is permitted, and a number of mothers nurse in the sanctuary, including the former rabbi’s wife. Mothers nurse in the Tot Shabbat as well.  Breastfeeding feels welcomed, both in the sanctuary and even more so at Tot Shabbat.

Nursing locations:

Private nursing can be done in the Bride’s room, which is labeled as such, and located in the back of the social hall in the basement (which is the second sanctuary during the high holidays).  This room is advertised as available for nursing before the High Holidays, but is sometimes locked on regular Shabbatot.  It has a large, comfortable couch, a mirror, and a vanity.  There is a bathroom attached, with a door separating it from the bride’s room.

Other Information:

There is no posted information about breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is highly supported by the community.

General Child friendliness:

Changing tables are available in the women’s bathrooms.  There is stroller parking and space to put children’s needed supplies.

There are several services in this synagogue.  In the chapel service, some people are not welcoming of moderate child noise, and make their displeasure clear.

Wrap up:

General rating:  As a whole, this shul received a rating of: “Good, could make small improvements- 2” out of 7 rating (where 1 is the best, 7 the worst)

Other comments:

Contact Information:

Rabbi Daniel Isaak, Cantor Deborah Bletstein and Rabbi Eve Posen

Synagogue office: 503.246.8831



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