Breastfeeding at: Havurat Shalom, Somerville, MA

Havurat Shalom in Somerville, MA

Breastfeeding in the Sanctuary:

It is permitted.  One mother reports that she was told to nurse wherever she wants.

Nursing Locations:

Nursing more privately can be accommodated in the playroom/childcare room.  It is unlabeled, on the second floor.  The second floor is not wheelchair accessible.  People will tell you where the room is.  It contains several sofas and a futon.

Other Breastfeeding Experiences:

This community is very comfortable with and welcoming to breastfeeding, and there are many breastfeeding parents in the community.

There is no information/signage visible about breastfeeding policies either in the synagogue or its website or bulletin.

General  Child Friendliness:

There are changing tables in a gender-neutral bathroom.  Strollers are generally parked on the back porch.  There is space for children’s supplies as well.  The attitude in services is very tolerant of children.


This synagogue received a  general rating of: “Great, could barely be better- 1” out of 7, where 1 was the best rating and 7 was the worst.

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