Breastfeeding at: Rodef Shalom, Denver, Colorado

Rodef Shalom in Denver, Colorado, USA

Breastfeeding in the sanctuary:

Breastfeeding n services is permitted and receives approval from older women in the community in particular.  There is also a designated cry room/nursing room with window attached to sanctuary.

Nursing locations:

There is also a designated cry room/nursing room with window attached to sanctuary.  It has no label, although there used to be one.  You find it by word of mouth or asking around.  There are 2 rocking chairs and a sink in the room.  The room also functions as an infant preschool room so there are toys and books around.

Other Information:

There is no posted information about breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a very comfortable experience at this synagogue.

General Child friendliness:

Changing tables are available in the preschool classrooms.  Strollers are generally parked in the coat alcove or the hallway, but there is no particular place to put children’s needed supplies.

This synagogue is very welcoming to kids’ presence in the main service.  They have toy bags for kids to bring in. The rabbi recently spoke to the congregation about how “kid noise” is welcomed and should not be deemed disruptive or disrespectful.

Wrap up:

General rating:  As a whole, this shul received a rating of: “Good, could make small improvements- 2” out of 7 rating (where 1 is the best, 7 the worst)


Rabbi Bernard Gerson at

The synagogue website:


2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding at: Rodef Shalom, Denver, Colorado”

    1. Thank you, Maggie. I’m working on it- but the more the questionnaire gets passed around, the better. If you are able (and comfortable) to share it with friends or family, it could only help.

      Today s the blog’s first day, so there should be a few more Western US reviews up soon.


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