Breastfeeding at: Suburban Orthodox Toras Chaim, in Baltimore, Maryland

Synagogue: Suburban Orthodox Toras Chaim, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Breastfeeding in the sanctuary: May or may not be permitted, but does not feel welcomed/is not done.

Nursing locations:

There is space to nurse in the women’s bathroom lounge.  Most of the seats are not very comfortable, and most of the space is visible from the hallway, but it is separated from the bathroom stalls.  It is in the ladies room close to the sanctuary.  Women also use this space for changing shoes, etc.  It is easily accessible on Shabbat as well as during the week.

Other Information:

There is no posted information about breastfeeding.  Women in the community were “generally very positive” about seeing breastfeeding in the lounge.  Nursing in public would likely be best with very careful coverage, in accordance with communal attitudes.

Child friendliness:

There are changing tables in the women’s bathroom.

There is stroller parking outside the shul- a covered area, and there are places to leave the items needed for taking care of a child.

The community is moderately tolerant of kids and their noise in the service, but the limit can be reached, and board members may intervene to suggest that a particular child not be brought into the service again.

Wrap up:

General rating:  As a whole, this shul received a rating of: “Okay, just workable enough- 4” out of 7 rating (where 1 is the best, 7 the worst)

Other comments:


The synagogue website:

The rabbi, Rabbi  can be reached at


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