Breastfeeding at: Shaarey tikvah, Cleveland, Ohio

Shaarey tikvah in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Nursing in the Sanctuary:

Nursing in the sanctuary is permitted.  It is well established in the communal norms of the synagogue, so you ma well see other people doing so.  It is a comfortable atmosphere for nursing both with and without a cover.

Private Nursing Locations:

There is no location for private breastfeeding.

Other Information:

No information about breastfeeding policy is available or posted in the synagogue, on the website or in the bulletin.

Nursing is welcomed in all parts of the building, and is seen as a sign of a healthy and growing community.

An illustrative anecdote about this synagogue’s policies and culture: “There was one notable example of a woman breast-feeding while reading Torah. A member of the Synagogue board discussed the matter with her and asked her to please refrain from that activity because eating on the bimah is not acceptable. It was handled very respectfully. Other than that, breast-feeding is very welcome. ”

General Child Friendliness:

Changing tables are located in both the women’s bathrooms and the men’s bathrooms.  Strollers are either parked in the coatroom or brought into the sanctuary and kept in the aisle.  There is space for children’s supplies.

Children are very welcome in the service and take part in the Torah procession, carrying stuffed Torahs.  They receive candy from the rabbi for being in synagogue.


This synagogue received a rating of “Good, could make small improvements- 2” out of 7, where 1 is the best rating and 7 is the worst.

Contact Information:

Rabbi David Kosak at

This synagogue is in a search process for a new rabbi at the time of this posting.  If this email address does not work, a general point of contact for the synagogue is below.

Synagogue Website:


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