Breastfeeding at Rinat Yisrael, Teaneck, NJ

Rinat Yisrael in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA

Breastfeeding in the Sanctuary:

It is forbidden, and would also receive a communal reaction of shock and horror.

Private Nursing Locations:

Semi-private nursing can be done in the basement coatroom.  It has no label, and directions to it can be gotten by asking around among other mothers.  It contains a couple of chairs, but it is a coat room and is just open to anyone. Kids play in it when their parents are in shul, making it hard to call it an actual private location.

Other Information:

No information about this synagogue’s breastfeeding policy is made public.

Nursing anywhere in this shul is generally uncomfortable.

Genera Child Friendliness:

There are changing tables in both the women’s and the men’s bathrooms.  Strollers are parked outside on the grass, and there is space for children’s needed supplies.  Children are welcome in the main service only at the end of mussaf.


This synagogue received a rating of “Bad, I avoid it if I can- 6” out of 7, where 1 is the best rating, and 7 is the worst.

Contact Information:

Rabbi Yosef Adler at

Rabbi Ezra Wiener at

Yoetzet Halakha Shoshana Samuels at

Synagogue Website:


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