Breastfeeding at Minyan Shachar, RIverdale (Bronx), NY

Shachar in Riverdale (Bronx), New York, USA

Breastfeeding in the Sanctuary:

It may or may not be permitted, but several mothers nurse in the  back of the service or along the sides of the room, with or without nursing covers.  I’m one of them, and have gotten no trouble at all.

Private Nursing Locations:

There isn’t a specific nursing location, but the basement lobby is used by mothers to have a quieter, mostly private nursing location.  There are a bunch of chairs and sofas.   (Minyan Shachar meets in the basement of the Riverdale Temple.)  Later in the service, people may walk by or stop to play (especially where people=kids), but will definitely quiet down/give you some space if you tell them to.   You may or may not be able to hear the service clearly, depending on whether the doors are open or not.

Other Information:

There is no policy about breastfeeding publicized.

Nursing is comfortable in this community.

Genera Child Friendliness:

There are changing tables in children’s bathrooms in the preschool area.  Strollers are parked in the hallway of the preschool wing (by the parking lot entrance) and there is space for children’s needed supplies around the edges of the prayer space.

The main service is very easygoing about babies and kids.  The play-space adjoins the prayer space, and sometimes a door is left a little open between the two.


This synagogue received a rating of “Good, could make small improvements- 2” out of 7, where 1 is the best rating, and 7 is the worst.

Contact Information:

Contact minyan leadership via the website:

Synagogue Website:



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