5 Ways To Easily Improve Breastfeeding-Friendliness In Your Synagogue

We have reached our first milestone- there are now over 50 reviews, of over 40 synagogues up on the blog!

To help us reach 100 reviews, submit one here:


In celebration, here are 5 things your synagogue can do, based on these reviews, to easily and affordably improve its breastfeeding-friendliness.

A perfect arrangement may be out of reach- your synagogue may not Have a space to set aside for nursing privately, or may not have its own space at all.  Your sanctuary may not be set up for easy access for parents toting small children.  There are plenty of things that are beyond our reach.

But there are other things that don’t take a lot of time, energy or even money- and they can still make a huge difference.  After 50 reviews, here are 5 that have stood out for me:

5. Label your spaces.  If there is a nursing room, put a nice sign on its door.  Let mothers know that a space is available for them and their babies!

4. Take care of young families- both parents!  Put your changing table(s) where both parents can use it.  Keep a few quiet toys around.  Smile.  Send information about changing tables, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, stroller-parking, etc to new parents in your community.

3.  If you have a space make it friendly-looking.  Keep it clean.  Paint the walls a color other than white.  Maybe add a piece of art of the wall.  Anyone coming here is missing out on services or kiddush or a program in order to feed her baby in the way that works best for her, the baby, and/or your community.  A pleasant space can make it a little less burdensome.

2. Be a role model of comfort and welcome around your synagogue’s youngest attendees, whether they are eating or not.

1. Communicate: Talk about breastfeeding openly.  What is your policy?  What is your ideal?  Make a space for it in your bulletin, on your website, or even as part of a drasha.


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