Breastfeeding at Minyan Segulah, Washington DC/Silver Spring MD/Takoma Park MD

Minyan Segulah in Washington DC/Silver Spring Maryland/Takoma Park Maryland, USA

Breastfeeding in the Sanctuary:

It is permitted, but “There are no written policies, so breastfeeding friendliness is not likely to be intuitive to a visitor. There is nothing problematic about breastfeeding in the sanctuary.”  “There are many young families and babies, and breastfeeding is quite common.”  One should note that “for breastfeeding in the sanctuary, be aware that people tend to sit closer together than in many synagogue environments. There isn’t always an unobtrusive corner for those who would prefer to remain unnoticed.”

Private Nursing Locations:

There is no designated private nursing location.  Many nursing mothers do so in the children’s play area.  More details in the next section.

Other Information:

There is no information about breastfeeding policy made public.

“As is the nature for independent minyanim without a 100% permanent space, the physical details of the sanctuary change frequently. Usually, there is a children’s play area either adjacent to the prayer space or else in the same room.  Most nursing moms are in the kid space, either for more privacy, greater freedom of movement, or because of the needs of an older child.”  “Most breastfeeding moms are straightforward and very casual about nursing. Nursing covers, blankets, etc., are a personal choice.”

“Segulah usually meets at Tifereth Israel in DC, which is a nursing-friendly synagogue. The minyan also meets at congregants’ homes, as well as church basements, The Washington Ethical Society and other locations at various times.  Different facilities have vastly different physical realities.”

Genera Child Friendliness:

Changing table access depends on the space being used.   Most of the time, there are changing tables available in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms.  All the spaces have room for strollers and space for children’s needed supplies.

“Children are welcome in the sanctuary, and/but encouraged to play in the children’s area with Segulah-provided toys and book. (Please note that the vast majority of children are under 5.) Noise is discouraged in particular during the Torah reading, though at the beginning of the Torah service all children are welcome to approach the ark to take out a stuffed Torah.”


This synagogue received a rating of

    • Good, could make small improvements- 2

out of 7, where 1 is the best rating, and 7 is the worst.

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