Breastfeeding at: Congregation Beth Shalom, Overland Park, KS

Congregation Beth Shalom, in Overland Park, Kansas, USA

Breastfeeding in the Sanctuary:

It is permitted, and done, discreetly.

Private Nursing Locations:

There are a variety of options for private nursing spaces, which are best found by asking around.  None are labeled.

Other Information:

The website offers no policy about breastfeeding. The community is casual about breastfeeding.  The respondent’s attitude was: “I always got the job done and did not think about it too much in preparation”.

General Child Friendliness:

There are changing tables available in the women’s bathroom (ETA 8/10/15) and the men’s bathroom and the preschool.

People leave strollers in the main hallway.  There is space for kids’ stuff, including a fridge for pumped milk.

In the main service “children are welcome…if children are having a difficult time, [it is] usually up to the discretion of the parents about next moves…plenty of couches, chairs, etc in hallway outside” of the sanctuary.    “Our shul is an aging community and although we are activiely bringing new families and younger people in, it is in our best interests to do whatever it takes to make ourselves hospitable…”  There are “not a lot of established attitudes…the shut would love to have more babies/parents present…”  This suggests that bottle-feeding is also welcome in this community.

Wrap-Up: This synagogue received a rating of

  • Good, could make small improvements- 2

out of 7, where 1 is the best rating and 7 is the worst.

Contact Information:

Rabbi David Glickman at

Hazzan Tahl Ben-Yehuda at

Synagogue Website:


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