Breastfeeding at: The Kitchen, San Francisco, CA

The Kitchen, in San Francisco, California, USA

Breastfeeding in the Sanctuary:

It is permitted.  There is “no policy, but women are seen nursing with and without a nursing cover.”  It is commonly done and accepted.  “Most people seem to nurse in the back area where the children play.”

Private Nursing Locations:

There is no designated nursing room/space, but one may use the classrooms of the school as private places to nurse.  They are on the same floor s the sanctuary.  For access, one needs to ask a staff member.

Other Information:

The website offers no policy about breastfeeding.

This community is supportive and positive about breastfeeding.

General Child Friendliness:

There are no changing tables.  “Strollers are welcome in any area, many people park them in front of the sanctuary area.”.  There is spae for children’s supplies, including a fridge for pumped milk.

Children in the main service are “very welcome. It is a “no shush” service with joyous singing that is usually louder than the kids. Many families bring toys or books into the service or play in the back of the school with the Camp Kitchen educator. Children are asked to be quiet or leave the service for the sermon and mourners’ kaddish.”.

This community welcomes and supports all choices about feeding your baby, breast or bottle.


This synagogue received a rating of

  • Good, could make small improvements- 2

out of 7, where 1 is the best rating and 7 is the worst.

Contact Information:

Rabbi Noa Kushner at

Synagogue Website:


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