Breastfeeding at: Woodstock Jewish Congregation- Kehillat Lev Shalem, Woodstock, NY

Kehillat Lev Shalem- Woodstock Jewish Congregation, in Woodstock, New York, USA

Nursing in the Sanctuary:

Breastfeeding is permitted in the service.  “Members have invited us to come to services with our little kids — they had to know it would happen.”

Private Nursing Locations:

There is no private breastfeeding location.

Other Information:

No information is publicized about the synagogue policy on breastfeeding.

“Most people in the synagogue are fairly progressive. I do notice that because I am still BFing my 2-y-o, some people kind of look surprised when they see us — but also he doesn’t nurse that often any more so it doesn’t happen all that often.”

General Child Friendliness:

There is a changing table in the Women’s bathrooms, and in the Men’s bathrooms. There is no stroller parking or space for kids’ stuff.

“They do a great job of having alternative programming for kids during main services. I’ve always felt that I can bring my kids to services, but if they are unruly people do talk to them about it. (Not in a stern/punishing way, but asking them to behave.)”

I have no information about bottlefeeding at this synagogue.  If you do, please do share it!


This synagogue received a rating of

  • Alright, it works pretty well- 3

out of 7 (where 1 is the best rating and 7 is the worst)

Contact Information:

Rabbi Aura Bartfeld Ahuvia at

Synagogue website:




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