About Nursing At Shul

Welcome to Nursing At Shul, where we share reviews of synagogue arrangements for breastfeeding.  By sharing our experiences, we can make visiting a new synagogue with a breastfeeding baby one step easier (getting out the door is hard enough!), by knowing in advance what the arrangements are- and by helping synagogues to improve those arrangements.  Many synagogues already have good set-ups; we can help to make them great!

Along the way, we will continue to develop  best practices to help interested synagogue communities improve their spaces and policies for making breastfeeding and parenting in shul easier.

Nursing in Shul is a project envisioned by R. Maya Resnikoff, after visiting a number of synagogues with her baby daughter, and realizing that it was very hard to know how to handle breastfeeding in any synagogue the first time you’re there.  Sometimes even knowing who to ask can be puzzling.   The realization that a set of reviews that would share that information would benefit many more people led to the creation of this new resource.

Please stay in touch: Find me elsewhere:

Twitter @MayaResnikoff

Or tell us about your synagogue parenting with #synagoguebabies

Do you have a review to share?  Click here to go to the questionaire.

Do you have feedback or a question about a review or about the site?  Please get in contact with me directly, by emailing me at mkosowsky@gmail.com


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Reviews of Synagogue Breastfeeding Arrangements

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