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Breastfeeding at Minyan Tehillah, Cambridge, MA

Minyan Tehillah in Cambridge, Massachussetts, USA

Updated 8/26/15- additional rating, experiences, general information, and bottle-feeding information

Breastfeeding in the Sanctuary:

It is informally permitted and welcome, although there is no formal policy.  “Women routinely nurse in the women’s section during davening”.  “I didn’t nurse my now-teenagers there because there weren’t a lot of babies, but by the time I had my now-elementary-school-kid there were lots of moms nursing. Some used covers, but I never did. I didn’t nurse while leading or laining, but some mothers even do that.”

Private Nursing Locations:

There is no designated private space for nursing, but “some moms use the babysitting space if they aren’t comfortable nursing in the sanctuary”.    However, “All the chairs are sized for 3-4 year olds. It is full of 20+ kids and 5+ adults at all times”.  The babysitting room is upstairs.  You find t by asking around/word of mouth.  Other options include the hallway or outside on a bench.  The shul has very limited options for space.

Other Information:

There is no information or policy about breastfeeding publicized by this community.

Nursing is welcomed by this community, “The community is very welcoming of breastfeeding wherever and whenever”.  They see having no nursing room as a message that breastfeeding should be free and comfortable anywhere- a designated space might suggest that other spaces were not open for nursing as well.  “I felt fine about it, but I know there are murmurs among other people. We don’t have an official policy and that concerns me even though I no longer have a nursling.”

Genera Child Friendliness:

There are changing tables in both the women’s and the men’s bathrooms.  Strollers are either parked outside or folded umbrella strollers may be put in the hallway.  There is very limited space for children’s stuff- some ” toddlers go to preschool at the shul building so they have cubby space – otherwise, no [space]. This is a big problem for families of all ages.”.

In the main service is generally welcoming and tolerant of kids and their noise.  “Very child-friendly. Kids lead end of davening; kids get lollipops; kids run from parent to parent as needed. Mostly the kids are not noisy, however.”

The attitude toward bottle-feeding here is “Pretty negative, unless it’s obviously EBM [expresse breast milk] fed by non-nursing care-giver.”  “I think almost every mom nurses. Sometimes dads bring babies to shul with a bottle. Snacks for kids in general are permitted even in the sanctuary”.


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Breastfeeding at Minyan Shachar, RIverdale (Bronx), NY

Shachar in Riverdale (Bronx), New York, USA

Breastfeeding in the Sanctuary:

It may or may not be permitted, but several mothers nurse in the  back of the service or along the sides of the room, with or without nursing covers.  I’m one of them, and have gotten no trouble at all.

Private Nursing Locations:

There isn’t a specific nursing location, but the basement lobby is used by mothers to have a quieter, mostly private nursing location.  There are a bunch of chairs and sofas.   (Minyan Shachar meets in the basement of the Riverdale Temple.)  Later in the service, people may walk by or stop to play (especially where people=kids), but will definitely quiet down/give you some space if you tell them to.   You may or may not be able to hear the service clearly, depending on whether the doors are open or not.

Other Information:

There is no policy about breastfeeding publicized.

Nursing is comfortable in this community.

Genera Child Friendliness:

There are changing tables in children’s bathrooms in the preschool area.  Strollers are parked in the hallway of the preschool wing (by the parking lot entrance) and there is space for children’s needed supplies around the edges of the prayer space.

The main service is very easygoing about babies and kids.  The play-space adjoins the prayer space, and sometimes a door is left a little open between the two.


This synagogue received a rating of “Good, could make small improvements- 2” out of 7, where 1 is the best rating, and 7 is the worst.

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Breastfeeding at Darkhei Noam, Manhattan, New York

Darkhei Noam in Manhattan, New York, USA

Breastfeeding in the Sanctuary:

It is permitted and comfortable.

Nursing Locations:

There is no separate space for breastfeeding privately.

Other Breastfeeding Experiences:

This community is comfortable with breastfeeding.

There is no information/signage visible about breastfeeding policies either in the synagogue or on its website or bulletin.

General  Child Friendliness:

There are no changing tables.  Strollers are generally parked in the main hall.

Attitudes towards children in the main service are mixed.  There is children’s programming and childcare (for infants up, starting when services begin) available on Shabbat and Chagim.


This synagogue received a  general rating of: “Great, could barely be better- 1” out of 7, where 1 was the best rating and 7 was the worst.


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