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Breastfeeding At: Special Summary About Unnamed Israeli Synagogues

I’ve received a few questionnaires that describe synagogues in Israel that don’t seem to have any name.  So far, I’ve gotten 3 such responses (out of a bit over 100 total responses)- so it can’t be so unusual there.

Going forward, I’ve modified the questionnaire to ask for alternative identifiers.

But so that you can see as much as I do, here are a few quick things that I’ve noticed.

-Two permit, very comfortably: “Simply, it’s what is done. In this particular shul, the mechitza is constructed in such a way that men and women can’t see each other, so it feels less complex.” and “As far as I know there’s no written policy, there have just always been nursing mothers in Shul, both with and without covers”, while at the last, it isn’t and the mother who filled out the questionnaire writes that she “got yelled at for trying with a cover”.

-I don’t have enough evidence to think about whether they are representative of local communities- one of these is even anonymous enough to be in an unnamed Yishuv, while the others are in Jerusalem (and like the other few I’ve gotten information about, has been very open to breastfeeding), and in Haifa (not open to it at all).  But I have no other questionnaires about Haifa synagogues, so I really can’t say anything.

-I do notice that Israeli synagogues seem not to have diaper changing tables anywhere.  I have not yet received a questionnaire where an Israeli synagogue is reported to have a changing table.

That’s what I saw as useful or interesting to share from these synagogues.  I look forward to broadening this blog’s reporting about Israeli synagogues- especially if we can get the identification thing down.