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Breastfeeding at: Kehillat Meitar (קהילת מיתר), Modiin, Israel

Kehillat Meitar (קהילת מיתר) in Modiin, Israel

Breastfeeding in the Sanctuary:

It is permitted.  Women breastfeed in the sanctuary “all the time”.   “Being an Orthodox synagogue, I think most of the women understand that a nursing cover should be used if they are nursing in the synagogue. But most women in our community use nursing covers to begin with anyways”.

Nursing Locations:

There is no separate space for breastfeeding privately.

Other Breastfeeding Experiences:

This community is very comfortable with breastfeeding, with a nursing cover, but probably not so comfortable without one.

There is no information/signage visible about breastfeeding policies either in the synagogue or its website or bulletin.

General  Child Friendliness:

There are no changing tables.  Parents usually change diapers in the child’s stroller.  Strollers are generally parked in the small lobby.  There is no particular space for children’s supplies.

(Older) Children are incorporated into the main service: “Children are given parts of the regular service to read, common practice in the Moroccan community. There are 2 shiur in for children immediately following services, and one in the afternoon before Mincha. There are books for children in the synagogue’s library and a few toys in the women’s section”.


This synagogue received a  general rating of: “Great, could barely be better- 1” out of 7, where 1 was the best rating and 7 was the worst.

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Rabbi בנימין דה לה פואנטה