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Some So-Far Summaries

I’m in a lull, in terms of new responses.  It may well be a pre-Pesach lull.  So in the meantime, here are some statistics from the information we’ve gathered together, so far.

And if these statistics motivate you to share this with friends or family, that would be even better, right?

So here we go:

90% of synagogues have no way of communicating where they permit or encourage breastfeeding, short of contacting a staff or clergy person.

57% permit breastfeeding in the sanctuary.

49% have a location set up for breastfeeding.

46% of  those locations are totally unlabeled.

13% have no changing table at all.

7% have a fridge where parents can store a bottle of pumped milk.

5 rabbis open their offices to nursing parents wanting quiet/privacy to feed their babies.

2 communities are unfriendly to bottle-feeding.